Saturday, February 19, 2011

Petition to end the needless killing of sled dogs

I have been planning a series of articles to post here about the recent killings of sled dogs, but have determined that Christie Keith of is already doing an outstanding job of covering this story and I'll refer readers to her writings in a separate post.

Right now, however, I'm particularly outraged by statements made recently by Terry Lake, the head of the task force that is investigating these killings, which imply that sled dogs, because they are working dogs, should be held to lower standards of what is considered "humane" euthanasia (i.e. killing) and are not adoptable as pets.

The petition is directed to Dr. Lake's e-mail inbox and sends a letter expressing outrage and urging him to seek additional information from people who have adopted animals such as these before making decisions.

Sign it here: and pass it on.

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