Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CANADA: Outdoor Adventures Whistler shoots 100 dogs due to slowdown in business; boycott called

As incredulous as it may seem, a Canadian tourism company had its employees shoot 100 sled dogs and dispose of their bodies in a mass grave after their business took a turn for the worse.

No evidence has so far been provided to suggest that this company did anything to attempt to rehome or shelter these animals, though it has been reported that a veterinarian refused to euthanize the healthy animals using more "humane" methods.

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The Pet Health Action Network is calling for a boycott of this company. If you live in Canada or plan to travel to Canada, please DO NOT do business with Outdoor Adventures Whistler. The remaining 200 dogs are not in danger of the same fate; with all eyes now upon this tragedy, rescues and shelters are almost certain to step in to help those that remain, and an investigation is now underway involving the RCMP and the SPCA.

UPDATE: It looks like there was an attempt to rehome these dogs, after all.  See this article for details.

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