Saturday, March 5, 2011

Petition: Tell PetSmart to stop promoting impulse purchases of reptiles

The petition states:
PetSmart is currently running a promotion offering a ten dollar discount on any reptile to customers with Rango ticket stubs. Rango is an animated movie about a chameleon, and features other CGI animated lizards and snakes. 
This PetSmart promotion is an irresponsible attempt to increase sales of reptiles in the pet store. 
Caring for a reptile is a serious commitment, and not one that should be promoted with ticket stubs. As it says on PetSmart's website, snakes can live for over 35 years, and many lizards can live for over 15. Most reptiles require heat lamps and humidity control. If a reptile becomes sick, veterinary costs can be extremely high. Because of the many complications in caring for them, many reptiles die from inadequate care. 
Sign the petition to tell PetSmart to stop this irresponsible promotion.
Sign it HERE

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