Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paws For Japan: Help Raise Money to Aid Animals in Japan

This is a very important Blog Hop Event to raise awareness of the work being done by World Vets to help animals in Japan. Please share, retweet, repost, and work with us to help spread the word and encourage others to donate to them.

My personal goal is to raise $200.00 for World Vets through a "like" campaign involving the Facebook page of Louie the Love Muffin. Louie's page exists to help raise awareness of health issues related to his last rabies vaccination, which made him quite ill. I will personally donate $1.00 for each new "like" of his page, with a total goal of $200.00. He started with 83 "likes," so the goal is a total of 283.

Please, donate to World Vets and then visit Louie's page and "like" him, too.

Blog hop is below!


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