Friday, May 20, 2011

More confirmed cases of Equine Herpes Virus


National Report — An outbreak of equine herpes virus (EHV-1) continues to spread with at least 29 cases now confirmed in eight Western states. 

Various state agriculture departments report that about 400 horses from 29 states attended the National Cutting Horse Association's Western National Championships in Odgen, Utah between April 30-May 8, which is believed to have been the source of the outbreak. 

On May 19, Washington officials increased the state's confirmed case count from one to three. Other cases have been confirmed in multiple western states, but taper off north of Texas and further east. As of May 19, the following states, through their state veterinarian's office or agriculture department, have confirmed or suspected equine herpes virus cases: 

• Arizona — One confirmed case; 
• California — 10 confirmed; 
• Colorado — Six confirmed cases; five that attended the NCHA event and one that was in contact with sick horses but did not attend the event; 
• Idaho — Two dead, no confirmed cases; 
• Montana — 30-35 horses under observation, no confirmed EHV-1 cases reported; 
• Nebraska — Five farms quarantined, no cases confirmed; 
• Nevada — No confirmed cases; 
• New Mexico — One dead, one suspected and no confirmed cases; 
• Oregon — One confirmed case; 
• Texas — 20 under investigation. The one confirmed case was a horse from New Mexico that was taken to West Texas for treatment. 
• Utah — Five confirmed cases; 
• Washington — Three confirmed cases; 
• Wyoming — No confirmed cases. 

Full report here.

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