Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UK: RSPCA calls attention to cat deaths due to antifreeze, seeks public support

Quoting from politics.co.uk:
"The animal welfare charity is calling on the public and all antifreeze manufacturers to ensure that this winter does not have fatal consequences for cats.
Following the tragic case of five cats dying in from antifreeze poisoning on the same day in Norwich on 30 December, the RSPCA is renewing its plea for the public to take extra care when using the product.
Every year, the Society picks up the pieces from too many cases where cats are believed to have been poisoned by antifreeze."
It's not just cats that can die from drinking antifreeze; dogs and wildlife are also killed by the substance, so much so that the state of Utah in the United States has mandated that antifreeze sold in the state contain a bittering agent to make it unattractive to animals.

Read entire politics.co.uk article here.

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